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Looking what is trendy in Techniques of analyzing hormones nowadays!

        The development of novel CLIA with high sensitivity, specificity and throughput has recently become a research focus and trend. Chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) has been widely used in different fields including clinical diagnosis, food safety, and environmental assessment for its high sensitivity, selectivity, rapid and simple analysis.

This technique takes advantage of the basic immunology concept of antigen binding to specific antibodies, which uses enzymatically labeled antibodies and antigens to detect the desired small biological molecules. Such antigenic molecules that can be identified in fluid samples include molecules such as peptides, proteins, and hormones.

Enzymes for chemiluminescent immunoassays convert substrates into reaction products that emit photons of light instead of forming a specific color.

Luminescence means that when the substance returns from the excited state to the ground state, the light is emitted by it. There are different types of luminescence, and the various forms are different in the way they reach the excited state.

For chemiluminescence, it is light produced by a chemical reaction. The chemiluminescent substance can be excited by an oxidation reaction forming an intermediate. When this intermediate returns to a stable ground state, the photons are released and detected by a luminescent signal instrument.

The specific luminescence indicates the presence of the antigen. The number of specific biomolecules, which is being looked for and present in the sample, is based on the luminescence observed

The use of automated analytical platforms based on CLIA technology brings about solid-phase immunochemical reactions with significantly shorter execution times (30–40 min) than other types of immunoassay.

According to many researches providing an instrument uses Chemiluminesence immunoassay (CLIA) for hormones analyzing in your hospital is a vital vision for the future.

That’s encourage us in Delta care to provide one of the best highly advanced CLIA System instrument for the Egyptian Market, Accre 6 CLIA system from Tisenc.  Highly advanced mechanism in analyzing hormones.

Accre 6 using Chemiluminesence immunoassay method with advanced features. The reaction starts in 30 sec. and last for 5 min. that’s enable the instrument to capture the largest possible amount of photons of light and that’s consider the longest period reaction last in any hormone device that’s make accuracy more guaranteed.

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