Intelligent CASA

The latest method of semen analysis using a computer that follows the latest version of the Food and Drug Administration.
The first device in Egypt and the Middle East performs a complete analysis of the seminal fluid and the work of identifying and describing the complete deformities in the head, neck and tail of the sperm.
The system consists of:
• Trinocular Microscope
• Pc all in one or Laptop contain Intelligent CASA software
• Intelligent CASA Camera
• Color Printer (optional)
• Accessories
Motility and Concentration 

  • Total sperm count per ml
  • Total sperm per ejaculate
  • Total Sperm Motility
  • Progressive Motility
  • Non Progressive motility
  • Immotile
  • Each sperm Motion Parameters (VCL,VSL,VAP,STR,WOB,LIN)
  • Can add other cells million per ml or by HPF

Sperm Morphology

  • Can Help in Detection of sperm Head , neck , tail
  • can automatically diagnose abnormalities
  • Full sperm morphology abnormality auto detection
  • Head Abnormalities
  • Neck Abnormalities
  • Tail Abnormalities

Intelligent CASA 

  • fast and accurate results
  • high technology with low cost
  • the software able to make auto comment according to the results
  • able to create smart statistical reports
  • Software able to create CDs to the patient 
  • Internet servece to solve any problem at once with well-trained engineers

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