1-Equal opportunity policy:

There is no discrimination between job applicants or employees, if they are a member of a protected class (e.g, race, gender, age, religion, familial status, color).

We follow Egyptian Human Rights Charter which states that the employees must be over 18 years old.

2-Workplace health and safety:

*We provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees.

*Our health and safety policy is designed for each one of our offices.

*Our Policy specifies what employees should do in case of office emergencies or how to handle unsafe materials according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

3-Employee code of conduct policy :

Our code of conduct  aims to help employees understand expectations in terms of performance and behavior. This policy includes specific rules related to substance abuse, sexual harassment, giving gifts, dress code and confidentiality.

Our Policy aims to eradicate discrimination and unlawful harassment in our workplaces. Any actions, jokes or comments based on an employee or client’s race, religion ethnicity, sex, age or any other legally protected class are not tolerated and will be met with significant disciplinary action.

4-Attendance, vacation and time-off policies :

All our employees know the ways to request a day off or take vacation. They know how much time off they will receive, when and how they can accrue more time off, who they should contact to request their time off and anything else they may need to know about taking vacation. Other time off policies to consider creating include parental leave policies and bereavement leave policies.

Also we have an attendance policy that outlines what is considered tardy, how far in advance they should request time off ( 2 weeks before leaving the job ) and what happens if they don’t show up for work.

We have 2 days off weekly (Friday and Saturday), Annual paid 21 days’ vacation.

5- Employee disciplinary action policy :

Each individual employee contracts include the rules and regulations of the workplace, We use these regulations as a point of reference, if they violate the company policy.

We have a simple step-by-step list of what happens regarding disciplinary action, if they violate the company policy. Describing a specific process to ensure every employee is treated fairly when it comes to discipline.

6- Employee complaint policies :

All our employees have the right to introduce formal complaints to our HR department. They can file a document describing their concerns with an aspect of their workplace. Also all employees have the rights to introduce grievances as a result of an incident or conflict with a fellow employee. A grievance can be filed for nearly any reason, including physical workplace complaints, financial issues like payroll and social circumstances like harassment or bullying.