MedLab 2022 at Dubai

Recently we participated in MedLab 2022 at Dubai, which is a very important medical helped us to contact with many companies and had opportunities for business meetings and start new cooperations. We are very pleased to be a part of this event.

Rayto RT-9700 Semi Automated Chemistery Analyzer

Analytical Modes : End Point, Two Point ,kinetic, Absorbance, Linear and non calibration. Technical Features: 1-7 Color LCD Touch Screen . 2-Open System 3-Support Flow Cell and Cuvette mode 4-Tungsten Halogen lamp With Long Life 2000 hours -6v/10w 5-Storage Capacity : Memory 75 Test protocols and 10000 Test Result 6- 7 Filters (340,405,500,546,586,620,670)+1 Free Position …

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Intelligent CASA

The latest method of semen analysis using a computer that follows the latest version of the Food and Drug Administration.The first device in Egypt and the Middle East performs a complete analysis of the seminal fluid and the work of identifying and describing the complete deformities in the head, neck and tail of the sperm.The …

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Horron H-900 Electrolyte Analyzer

Desciption: 1-Technique : Ion Selective Electrode. 2-Items: Na,K,Ca,Cl,Ph. 3-Sample Type: Serum, Plasma, Whole Blood, CSF, Diluted Urine. 4-Closed container for both calibrates and waste. 5-Up to 80 test/hr. 6-Self-made membrane maintenance free electrodes 7-Reagent Pack, Real time monitoring of reagents residual volume 8-Storage up to 10000 test results 9-Internal thermal printer 10-Real time diagnosis of …

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GPP-100 Automatic Specific Protein Analyzer

GPP-100 Automatic Specific Protein Analyzer 1-Technique: Nephelometry 2-Items:(D-Dimer,   HBA1C,   CRP    ,igG   ,IgM    ,igA,   C3,  C4,   Anti-ccp) 3-Features: -Fully Automatic one step operation -All in one caritridge -up to 100000 result -High performance and fast detection 3-8 minuts -Test by test -Holds  Certificates(iSO,FDA)

DF50 Hematology

DF50 Hematology Analyzer -Provide 27 Parameters,3  Histograms,3 scatter gram and 1 Baso scatter gram -6 Test modes -3 Regents only -60 sample/hour -Up to  50000 records -Components: Syrings (Japanese) Valves(Japanese) Pumps(Swiss) Prope (Swiss) Tubes(French) Connector(French) Optocoupler (American)

Blood Gas Analyzer

Features: .Quickly .Accurate .Portable .Efficient -Test by test -up to 50000 records -60 sample / hour Test Items: -(PH,CO2 And 02) -(HCT) -(K,Ca,Cl,Na) -(Glucose and lactate)

Accre 6 CLIA System Fully Automated Hormons Analyzer

1-Technique: chemiluminesence immunno assay (CLIA SYSTEM) 2-Throug put : Up to 36/hour 6 Test in the same run 3-Items : 1)Thyroid 2)Fertility 3)Vitamins (Vit D-VitB12) 4)Tumor Markes 5)Cardiac 6)Viruses 7)Ferritin 4-Reaction time :15-39 min 5-Data storage:100000 results 6-Test features:Ready to use Reagent Strip ,No consumables 7-Expirration date:12 months 8-Features: -Accurate -Consistant -Convenient -Rapid -Economical

Finecare Plus

Technique: Fluorescence immunoassay Features: ● Rapid ● Accurate ● Convenient ● Reliable ● Popular ● Extensible ● Test items about 32 test Infection ( PCT & CRP & SAA ) Coagulation ( D-Dimer ) Cardiac ( NT-proBNP & cTn I & Myo & CK-MB & H-FABP & BNP ) Tumor ( AFP & PSA & CEA …

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