Chemray 240-Automated Chemistry Analyzer

Chemaray 240-Automated Chemistery Analyzer


Chemaray 240-Automated Chemistery Analyzer


  • Open system
  • State sample priority
  • Automatic Random Access
  • Analytical modes End Point, Two Point, Kinetic, Immunoturbidemitry
  • Up to 160 test/hr
  • Absorbance range 0 to 3.500 Abs



  • Sample Tray
  • 40 sample positions, micro cup and test tubes can be used
  • Sample volume 3 to 45µL


  • Reagent Tray
  • 40 reagent positions in refrigerated compartment
  • 24 hours non-stop reagent cooling compartment 4-15C


  • Reaction Tray
  • 81 Cuvettes, 9 cuvettes/strip
  • Independent mixing probe
  • Automatic 8 steps washing system


  • Probe
  • Pre-heating for reagents
  • Sensor for liquid level detection and collision protection
  • Automatic inner and outer probe washing after every cycle


  • Measuring Unit
  • Halogen Lamp
  • 8 Wavelengths 320nm to 670nm


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